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Mijas Pueblo - Sugerencias Alternativa Mijeña - Artehnatiba Miheña 
Mijas Guide: "Mijas Elections: 5 questions for The Greens & Alternativa Mijeña"
Elecciones 2011
Fuente: Mijas

Mijas Elections: 5 questions for The Greens & Alternativa Mijeña

Posted on March 23, 2011 by admin

We present the next part of our coverage of the upcoming Mijas elections with our 5 questions put to The Greens and Alternativa Mijeña. As covered in a previous article, the two political parties have decided to join forces for the 2011 Mijas elections.

1. What is the main policy of your party for the upcoming Mijas election 2011?

The Greens and Alternativa Mijeña require a responsible environmental policy on a wide range of areas: consumption, production, business, health, traffic, etc. We want a confrontation with the previous uncontrolled economically growth, which threatens to destroy the earth’s natural resources as well the need of qualified levels of participative democracy in the Mijas Town Hall.

2. Do you support the building of a business park in Mijas (Parque Empresarial de Mijas)? If yes, where should it be built and when?

We understand the need for a new industrial park, but of much smaller dimensions, which unites and improves conditions for local firms. But we insist that environment, pollution and transport are taken under consideration when deciding the location and construction, for which reason we prefer the Chaparral-area instead of the rural Atalaya-area.

3. What should be done to help local businesses during the crisis?

We will promote diversity and specialization within the local business community and support small and medium size local businesses, in order to provide more jobs and improve the local network. We need to improve the promotion of services and products from local businesses to consumers of all nationalities.

4. What should Mijas do to attract more tourists to the area?

The Greens and Alternativa Mijeña want to change the existing tourism promotion in Mijas, which mainly consists of property-sales and donkey-taxis in Mijas Pueblo into a wide spectrum of sustainable ”green” tourism, focusing on local culture and traditions, local bed&breakfast and ”alberques”, fitness, lifestyle, organic farming and production, adventure, active vacation, rural tourism, more backpack-tourism, languages-courses, traveling, etc.

5. In your opinion, what should be done with the Hippodrome ground?

One of our proposals could be to transform the Hipodromo into a center for different sport and recreational activities with potential for greater cultural and music festivals.

Escrito por Alternativa, el Miercoles, 23 de Marzo 2011
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